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          Online Message Sitemap|中文 Hello, welcome to visit Puyang Shengdong New Energy Co. Ltdwebsite!
          Puyang Shengdong New Energy Co. Ltd

          Power station construction, cooperative power generation, unit maintenance and sales"Shengdong New Energy Starts Nature"

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          Support Hotline17749472477

          Puyang Shengdong New Energy Co. Ltd

          Address:200 meters east of the intersection of Xindong Road and Weidu Road, Hualong District, Puyang City



          Diesel Generator Sets

          Volvo diesel generator set

          Volvo, English name VOLVO, the famous Swedish brand, and translated as the rich, the rich (VOLVO) company is Sweden's largest industrial enterprises, with a history of more than 120 years, is one of the world's oldest engine manufacturers; So far, its engine output has reached more than 1 million units, and is widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, ship and other power parts, it is the ideal power generator set.

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          Ⅰ、Introduction to Volvo Diesel Generator Set

          Volvo, English name VOLVO, the famous Swedish brand, and translated as the rich, the rich (VOLVO) company is Sweden's largest industrial enterprises, with a history of more than 120 years, is one of the world's oldest engine manufacturers; So far, its engine output has reached more than 1 million units, and is widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, ship and other power parts, it is the ideal power generator set.

          The diesel emissions of Volvo diesel units of Shengtiang New Energy meet the Euro II or Euro III and EPA environmental protection standards, and the engine uses the electronic jet diesel engine produced by the prestigious Swedish Volvo Group. Volvo company was founded in 1927, for a long time. Its shiny brand has always been closely associated with its three core values - quality, safety and environmental protection. Volvo Penta, under the Group, focuses on the production of power generation, special vehicle and Marine engine. It is the leader in the technology of six-cylinder engine and electronic injection, etc. Volvo diesel generator sets have the characteristics of low volume, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, compact structure and so on. In addition, Volvo diesel generator sets have high loading capacity and fast, reliable cold start performance; Smooth operation, less waste gas emission, low operating cost, small appearance; The power range is 64kW-550kW. Because of the reliable performance, strong horsepower, green environmental protection, humanized safety design of Volvo diesel generator set, it has won the favor of customers around the world.


          、Main specifications, models and technical parameters of Volvo diesel generator sets



          Electrical indicators of unit: rated frequency 50Hz (60Hz optional), power factor COSФ=0.8, rated voltage 400/230V, phase line: three-phase four-wire system;

          If you need additional information about the unit, the price of the Volvo Diesel Generator or the parameters of the power model not shown, please contact us.

          、Technical description of Volvo diesel generator set

          1. Standard environmental conditions for the operation of the generator set

          Atmospheric pressure 100kPa; Ambient temperature 25℃; Relative humidity 30%; Under the above conditions, when the fuel quality meets the technical requirements, the generator set can reach the rated load output.

          2. Standard specifications for product design

          Including but not limited to the following mentioned standards and specifications: ISO9001, GB/T 2820-2009, JB/T 10303-2001, GB/T 15548-2008, GB/T 20136-2006, etc.

          3. When the generator set is on standby

          When the generator set is on standby for a long time, it can be started manually on a regular basis and run without load to self-check its startup performance.

          4. Fuel is applicable

          No. 0 light diesel oil should be selected in summer, and no. -10, no. -20 or no. -35 light diesel oil should be selected in winter according to regional climate conditions.

          5. Lubricating oil system

          The lubrication system of the generator set is a closed self-circulation lubrication system. Engine with organic oil tank (oil sump), oil pump, manual/electric pre-supply oil pump, oil filter, oil cooler, etc.

          6.Cooling system

          Cooling water should be slightly alkaline clean water, without corrosive compounds. Its main indicators are as follows: hardness 0.7 ~ 5.3mol/L, chloride ion content < 150mg/L, pH value 6 ~ 8.5. Antifreeze should be used in winter.

          7. Start the system

          The generator set adopts DC motor to start, and the working power supply is DC 24V. The battery is equipped with an automatic charging device, which can be automatically charged to ensure that the battery has sufficient power.

          、Generator configuration scheme

          (a) standard configuration

          1. Direct injection internal combustion engine (diesel);

          2. AC synchronous generator (single bearing);

          3. Suitable for 40℃-50℃ radiator water tank, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety cover;

          4. Power generation output air switch, standard control panel;

          5. Unit steel common base (including: unit vibration damping rubber pad);

          6. Dry air filter, fuel filter, lubricating oil filter, starting motor, and equipped with self-charging generator;

          7. Start the battery and the battery start connection cable;

          8. Industrial 9DB muffler and connection standard parts;

          9. Random data: original technical documents of diesel engine and generator, generator set manual, test report, etc.;

          (b) Optional configuration

          1. Oil, diesel oil, water jacket, anti-condensation heater;

          2. Split type daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank;

          3. Battery floating charger;

          4. Rainproof unit (cabinet);

          5. Control panel of self-protection and self-starting unit;

          6. Silent unit (cabinet);

          7. With "three yao" function unit control panel;

          8. Mobile towing vehicle power station (box trailer);

          9.ATS automatic load conversion screen;

          Silent mobile power station (box trailer);

          、After-sales service

          Warranty period: 12 months after the commissioning and acceptance of domestic units or a total of 1000 hours of operation; Subject to the first due date. Due to product quality problems to implement free maintenance or replacement, lifetime paid service! (wearing parts, commonly used parts, man-made damage, neglect maintenance are not within the scope of the warranty) such as due to the original factory adjustment to the original warranty regulations!

          After the shelf life, users enjoy life-long maintenance of the product, the replacement of accessories only charge cost, no additional fees for labor. In case of serious wear and tear or special circumstances, you can go to our company for overhaul or replacement. If you find the product inconvenient to use or need our technical support, you can call our after-sale service team. Our company will be the first time after receiving a phone call or fax to send a specialist rushed to the site for inspection and maintenance, in order to restore the normal operation of the product at the fastest speed.


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          Working hours

          Monday to Friday

          Work phone


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